"Australia Where The Bloody Hell Else Would Ya Be?" is a very tongue in cheek look at Queensland and other Australian Locations; our history our lifestyle, what makes us tick and an in-depth look at how to survive in the suburbs and stay one step ahead of the hangover bear. This book was commissioned by the Briusbane Airport Corporation and will be available at the Brisbane International Airport.

Other upcoming titles:

"I Hope I Die Before I Get Old",  the full story of John's time with Rough Red, a folk rock band that travelled throughout Europe, playing on the stages of some of the great music festivals including the Montreux festival and the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg. The ultimate baby boomer, mid-life crisis story full of humour, exotic locations and unforgettable people.

"Kev's Shed" is a classic tale of going mad in the suburbs; the relationship between a man and his shed, andc the shameful secret that lurks beneath it. The dark underbelly of suburban life and a closely guarded state secret from a more turbulant time collide in a cataclysmic stew of underground secrets, government agents and women in netball uniforms.


Commissioned Pieces:

A few examples of pieces commissioned for special occasions…