John Fegan has spent the last 33 years in the advertising industry in a multi-faceted career that encompasses all mediums of this evolving industry. He is a specialist in implementing small changes in the way you present yourself to your target market resulting in gains for your business.

He was the Creative Director of Young and Rubicam, FM 104 (he was the people’s philosopher ‘Blue’ on the breakfast show) and John Singletons, and has worked in a freelance capacity for Saatchi and Saatchi, George Paterson, O’Reilly Advertising and O&M to name just a few. He worked for Channel 9 and 10 in front of and behind the camera, and has won many creative awards for his work including a ‘Judges Special Award for Raising the Standard of the Industry’ from the judges at the Brisbane Art Directors Awards. John has worked on a consultancy basis for Bakers Delight, Eagle Boys Pizza, Carlton United, Castlemaine Perkins, McGuire Hotels Group, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Village Retirement Group and many more.

Over the years he has on many occasions been happy to pass on his accumulated knowledge to client groups, business seminars and university students. He has an uncanny ability to debunk the myths, cut through the clutter and focus on what works and what doesn’t based on years of hard won experience. John runs his own small business, with River 949 FM as his prominent client.

John will demonstrate how changing your thinking will change your results with presentation skills that are as entertaining as they are informative.

"I see it every day; the fear and uncertainty in small business, what works, what doesn’t, what media do I need, what about social media, who do I trust? I can tell you this much; it’s not all doom and gloom because the very fact you’re still operating means you must be doing something right. You’re just too close to it, too busy working in your business to work on it. What you need is to have someone from outside tweak a few things, flick a few bad habits, give you a few ideas. If you stop and change the way you look at what it is that you do, you’ll change the result.”