My art is designed to brighten up dull outside walls around the house, pool or barbecue area. They are all about colour -  the more outrageous the better. The themes reflect whatever you want or whatever I see on my travels that inspires me. They are built tough to withstand the elements, will outlast you by a lifetime, and the gaudy, gleaming, glorious colour will never fade.

Email or give me a call and I will create a piece that will beautifully compliment your house or workspace and your lifestyle. I will bring boring blank walls to life for you!

My art is made to last. The frames are made from durable hardwood, fibro and some feature ceramic frames. I use a mixture of ceramacrete and bondcrete or industrial adhesive to adhere tiles and ceramic objects to the fibro, three substances that are guaranteed to hang on long after you're gone! The pieces will almost last forever, but I do suggest some caution in where they are hung. If you want them to be 100% exposed to all weathers 100% of the time let me know and I'll weather proof them even more.

You might have some items at home that you would like displayed in a creative fashion for everyone to see. No problem! - I can work with anything provided it is at least weather resistant. Size, shape, theme - no problem!

Should you require a current compilation of my works as an email, or if you would prefer a full colour hard copy please contact me by phone or use the form on my contact page and I will get one or the other to you straight away.

The vast majority of the pieces you will see are 1200 high by 800 wide. This is simply because it is a good size to work with. I will make them any size or shape that you want!

Phone 0412 663 309

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